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TellTheBell Insights – Know the How and Why of Taco Bell Survey

Have you ever gone to a Taco Bell Store to munch on their delicious Tacos filled with vegetables and meat? I have and never regretted a day. But did you know that Taco Bell has emerged to become one of the top competitors for food joints like McDonald’s and KFC? And like every big company Taco Bell has its own taco bell feedback forum in the name of TelltheBell Survey. In that feedback forum, customers can give their genuine opinion.

Obviously, the feedback forum is going to help the company in gathering genuine reviews. The company will use this feedback to better the customer experience and quality of food if they lack in any. But what is in it for their customers? A customer who participates in this Taco Bell customer service survey will be rewarded with $500 if they win. The winner is decided by a lottery on which we will discuss more in the later segments.

What is TelltheBell and its Specialty?

Taco Bell is one of the leading food joints and has redefined Mexican food in a new and classic way. They have bought the Tacos from the corners of Mexican relinquished with various combinations that make it more delicious. People love their variations of Tacos such as rolled chicken tacos, double chalupa, black bean crunch wrap supreme, and so on.

TelltheBell is a feedback forum of Taco Bell in which they give their customers a portal to share their genuine reviews with the company. The feedback needs to be completely genuine. And the speciality of this survey is that they give a chance to their participants to win a cash prize of almost $500 in a cheque. The winners are selected in a random way from a lottery and are informed via an email sent to their mail id.

Rewards in the Tellthebell Customer Survey

If you have already been a participant of such surveys for other companies, then I am sure you will be aware of this fact. Most companies do not offer any kind of reward to their customers for their genuine review. But you will be surprised here. Taco Bell is one of those companies that value their customers as well as their time.

On the off chance that you choose to participate in the Taco bell Tell the bell survey, you will be getting a free entry into the Sweepstakes portal. In the Sweepstakes portal, there are timely slots present, and it will be booked for you. For that slot, a lottery will be held, and a particular lucky customer will be announced as the TelltheBell survey winner, with a prize of $500.

To receive this reward, the customer will be informed within 2 or 3 days of the announcement via the mail address he or she has provided during registration. After you have received the mail, you will be asked to come to their office with valid documents related to their age and proof of address. After providing them with the documents, they will give you the $500 cheque in your name.

Entry MethodsOnline
Rewards$500 in cheque
Validity20 days from the date of announcement of winners
Required Age18 years and above
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish

Common Questions Asked in the Taco Bell Customer Survey

All the questions that will be asked in the survey are about your purchase and your feedback on it. Questions will be framed on the basis of products and the services you have been offered. Following are some questions which will provide you with some basic idea about the survey.

  • The first question will be related to the overall satisfaction after you have received the product and consumed it.
  • In the second question, they will ask you about the service you have opted for in order to place the order. You will have an option like Dine-in, Carry-out, and others.
  • The next question will be based on the level of satisfaction related to the service you received. There will be certain attributes present like accuracy and others.
  • The fourth question will be related to the nature of the staff members. You will be given a certain option which will be based on the friendly nature of the staff.
  • In the next section, you will be provided with a textbox in which you can write your feedback in your own words.
  • In the end, the last question will be related to your revisit. The question will be related to your interest to come back to their outlet.

Modes of Participation in the Tell the bell Taco Bell Survey

Online: If you want to provide your feedback through the Tellthebell survey, you will have just one option. That is online. You can pay a visit to the Tellthebell official page. Check the section under the name Taco Bell feedback. In order to access the official website, you can use your smart devices like phones, computers, laptops or others. There is no other way to provide your feedback to the company.

What are the prerequisites of participating in Tell the Bell Survey?

In order to participate in the Taco Bell Survey and be declared as one of Tell the bell winners, it is mandatory to follow some of the requirements. Some of which are:

  • A desktop/laptop or a mobile phone/tablet with an active internet service.
  • A Taco Bell Invoice/Receipt.
  • A 16 digit taco bell survey code printed on the invoice.
  • Taco Bell Shop Number.
  • Date and Time of your Invoice.

Eligibility Criteria for Tell the Bell Customer Survey

  • A person to be considered eligible for the survey must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have an invoice of Taco Bell with the Tellthebell survey code.            

What are the Rules & Conditions in the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  • To take the survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can take the survey only one time.
  • You cannot leave the survey in mid-way, else it won’t count.
  • You will have to complete the survey at one entry itself.
  • If you leave the survey mid-way and you want to take it later on, you will have to start afresh with a new invoice number.

Steps to Participate in the Tell the Bell Survey

Knowing the rules, eligibility and requirements are just the starting base of your endeavour towards being a winner in the Taco Bell survey. One of the major tasks towards being declared as the winner is the steps of doing the survey. In case you make a mistake, your entry will be disqualified, and you may have to enter again with a new invoice number. So in order to avoid that we are going to guide you step-by-step through the entire process of participating in the survey.

Step 1: Get your laptop or any device like mobile. Make sure that internet service is available.

Step 2: Open the web browser that you use, the most suggested will be Google Chrome, as it is fast and reliable.

Step 3: In the address space, type www.tellthebell.com and click on the go.

Step 4: Get your invoice, and enter the code that has been provided in it, to be eligible for the survey. The code will be of 16 digits.

Step 5: You may have to enter the shop number, date and time when you last visited Taco Bell. Make sure that it matches with your invoice.

Step 6: As soon as you are done with the previous step, a Start button will appear. Just click on it.

Step 7: When you start the survey, the online portal will ask you with one question after another, and you will have to answer them very honestly. The answers should be based on real experience.

Step 8: When you are done answering all the questions, the website will provide you with a link that will buy you a free entry into Sweepstakes. This entry will make you eligible to win a $500 cash prize.

How does Taco Bell decide the Winners for Survey and Winner’s List?

I am sure till now you have learnt a lot about what is Taco Bell, what are the benefits of participating in the survey, the rules and the method through which you can participate. But what about how does Taco Bell decide the winner from so many participants. Curious, isn’t it? In this segment, we will tell you all about it.

As soon as you are done with the last question, Tell the bell site will ask you for personal information, like name, number address and mail id. This information is to be kept discreet and is intended to be used by the company only to contact you in case you win. After you have submitted these details, it will buy you a free entry into Sweepstakes. Sweepstakes is a platform where online lottery takes place in 12 slots.

These slots are divided into weeks – one week for one slot. Your entry will be recorded as the participant for that particular week. After the Sweepstakes has completed its lottery, 4 lucky participants will be selected as the winner for that week. And their names will be announced on their official website. You will also be notified via your mail id within a few days of declaring the result.

You may be required to submit some extra documents to prove your identity, age and residence. As soon as you have provided the company with all the valid documents, you will be rewarded with a $500 cheque.

Taco Bell Survey in Other Countries

TelltheBell Canada: People of Canada too can participate in this survey and earn rewards based on their experience in the nearest Taco Bell Joint.

TelltheBell Australia: Taco Bell has received massive support from the Australians as well, and hence this survey is open for them too.

All about Taco Bell and its Products

Started with a small vision but with a large mission of providing quality food to people, Glen Bell started the Taco Bell Company. Its first joint was set up in the year of 1950 at Downey, CA – this happened almost 70 years ago. Look at it now, the Taco Bell currently has more than 7000 outlets all over the world, with many such franchises coming up.

The main aim of Taco bell was to make people relevant to the Mexican Taco that can be served in various ways of delicacies with an amazing combo of ingredients; having items such as black bean quesarito, crunch wrap supreme, chalupa supreme, cheesy gordita crunch and so much more. Their variant menu will give you a good idea on the various combinations of food, and the modern take of Taco Bell in making tacos.

Currently, the Taco Bell Company is owned by PepsiCo, which is a multinational company. And their goal is to spread Taco Bell all over the world and to reach out to people and give them a taste of the amazing food served in a comfortable ambience.

Customer Support

Address – 1 Glen Bell Way Irvine, CA 92618

Tell the Bell phone number – 1-800-822-6235

Social Media Links –

Taco Bell Near Me

In order to find the nearest Taco Bell joint to your location, follow the given step:

  • Go to the official site of taco bell which is www.tacobell.com 
  • Now that you have opened the site click on the ‘locations’ option from their menu.
  • As soon as you have clicked it, a new web page will be loaded into sight.
  • There will be a map displayed, and right above it a box will be present written – ‘Search Zip or City’
  • The best way to find the nearest store will be to enter your zip code.
  • When you have entered the zip code, the website will load all the nearest Taco Bell joints to your location.

Tellthebell Complaints

The Taco Bell Company aims towards providing a very smooth experience to its customers. And in order to do that, the company follows some strict norms and rules. But in case the customer still feels that the company is lacking somewhere, they can file a complaint through their official website or even choose to call in their customer care number, or even drop a mail-in their headquarters address.

The most common complaints that the Taco Bell has faced is based on the price, or the long waiting line while ordering. There have been times when two or three counters are closed due to some technical issue, and the customers have had to form a line in one counter and wait for more than 20 minutes to order. Some other complaint has been related to cold food being served, or the lack of manners in their staff.

We are going to share some of the ways in which a person can file their complaint to the company, easily and quickly.

  1. The first method is to call customer care on the number 1800 822 6235. You can call on this number 24*7 and file a Tell the bell complaint with their customer serviceman.
  2. Another way is to post your complaint directly into their Taco Bell forum by clicking on this link provided https://www.tacobell.com/contact-us. The company will surely notice your complaint through their forums.
  3. This is one of the major steps in registering your complaint. In case you have tried all the above steps, but still, your complaint has not been resolved you can directly call them on their headquarters and share your grievance in the phone number provided – 1 949 863 4500.
  4. This is an extreme step when none of the above works. Using the social media links that we have already provided below, you can also tweet, tag and share your complaint publicly on their social media.
    1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/tacobellteam
    2. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/tacobell
    3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacobell
    4. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tacobell/


Why does Taco Bell ask for your address for feedback?

Taco Bell asks for your address at the end of your feedback so that they can mail you or reach out to you if you have won the lottery. In case there is no reply from your side till 20 days, the reward will no longer be available to access.

How many times can I do Taco Bell Survey?

The same person can do a taco bell survey as many times as he wants. But he will be considered for a free entry into Sweepstakes for only his first turn for that subsequent week. A person may only enter once with the same email id in a week else he will be disqualified.

How do you get the money if you win the Taco Bell Survey?

In case you win the Taco Bell Survey, you will be notified by the company in your email within two weeks. Also, a mail will be sent to your home address telling you about the win.

How does Taco Bell know who did their survey?

Taco Bell knows who did their survey because, at the start, they take survey code and end of each survey, they ask the customer to provide them with personal details like name, phone, mail id and address. This information is taken in order to contact them if they win.

Who won the Tellthebell recently?

The most recent winner for Tellthebell is Emily S, from OH who won in the Entry Period 50.

How to take Tellthebell Survey?

In order to take the Tellthebell Survey, you must first visit their official website www.tellthebell.com and click on “Survey”. It will load their survey portal in which you will have to answer the questions honestly.

How do you enter Tell the bell without the code number?

In order to enter the Tell the bell survey without the code number, you will have to provide the portal with the exact time and date of your last visit to any Taco Bell Store along with the shop number. This will earn you an entry into the survey.

How to win Tell the bell?

If you want to win Tell the bell, you will have to make sure that you have followed all the steps carefully given in our guide and also follow the rules. Make sure that there are no multiple entries from the same Id at the same entry period; else you will be disqualified.

How do you know if you won Tell the bell?

In case you win Tell the bell for a certain entry period. You will be notified by the company with a week of the announcement on their official website with the winners’ list. Also, they will send you a mail to the address you have provided and an email to your id.

What happens if I win Tell the bell?

If you win the Tell the bell survey, you will be informed by the company within a week via their website as well as the address you have provided. You will be asked to produce some documents for verification in their office, and after that, they will provide you with the cheque.

In rating of customer satisfaction how is Taco Bell ranked?

Based on Customer satisfaction, Taco Bell is ranked at 74.

What comes in a $5 box at Taco Bell?

In a $5 box of Taco Bell, you will get, 4 rolled chicken taco with 2 sides and a drink. There is another $5 box at Taco Bell that service double chalupa with dips, sides and drink.


It is time that you start getting rewarded for the feedback that you provide to a company to help them grow into a successful business venture. With Taco Bell’s Tellthebell survey, you can give the company your honest opinion related to their service and earn $500 reward like a prize. Nothing better than a handsome reward for your keen observation, honesty and time. Make sure that on your next visit to Taco Bell, you keep your invoice safely and participate in the coming TelltheBell Survey.