Fenders new app lets you learn chords to any track through Apple Music

Do you want to learn guitar and impress your colleagues or some professionals? If you want to jam along with with your favorite tunes, then you will be happy to know this news. Fender is integrating with Apple Music to launch its fourth app to aid its users to conquer the riffs.

In past two years, Fender released 3 apps namely Fender Play, Fender Tune, and Fender Tone. Now, this iconic guitar brand is introducing its fourth app called Fender Song. It came to help the musicians play or practice millions of songs on either piano, guitar, or ukulele.

As per the sources, the Fender Song app is currently available for iPhones with a rotating selection of chords available for free, but you can access the full library with a subscription of $4.99 for a month or $41.99 for a year. Although the app is currently available in the US, it is soon to step out in the UK and Europe.

This Fender Song can be synced with the Apple Music. You can pull any of your favorite song and the app’s algorithm uses the signal processing techniques, knowledge of music theory and detects the song chords.

With the help of pretty rad interface, Fender makes sure that the chords in app are accurate to the original music that was performed by artists. For this, it made deals with the holders like Warner Music Group. It also made deals with big music publication firms like Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Warner Chappel Music to make sure that the songwriters and artists are paid for their work. To account for Fenders’ steep subscription rates, the above reasons would be enough.

“This app’s really aimed at any guitar player who wants to learn how to play songs that they know,” Ethan Kaplan, the chief technology officer at Fender quoted in an interview.

This Fender Song app is somewhat similar to the music streaming service. When you select a song, it shows the chords and lyrics of that song. You can play the chords in real-time or you can learn one at a time. Users can also get the access to backing track that consists of drum track and bass-line. However, to play along with original songs, you need an Apple Music subscription.

You can also record video of yourself playing with the help of front camera. As the app uses the software to generate chords, you can get the chords of songs that won’t include guitar like ‘Royals’ by Lorde.

There is bound to be some setbacks with a lot of features. The app won’t let you play the epic solos which are featured in songs, but it provides you with the basic chords that makes up the song. Also, the app is not recommended to many without the Apple Music. Though the app is providing the backing tracks, people are complaining that the track rhythms are either completely wrong or off.

These past few years, the sales of music instruments are declining rapidly. Even the companies like Gibson went bankrupt. With the launch of this Fender Songs app, it is said that it was another attempt by the company to pick up their sales.

Though this app is not great for learning epic solos, it is the best way to learn and jam the favorite songs of musicians.

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