Firefox offering privacy reports of sites you browse

Mozilla launched some great updates that offers advanced privacy to its users when browsing. Firefox administered the set of privacy tools that helps in protecting your data when you browse through various sites.

Previously in Firefox there had been the privacy protection as default. Mozilla introduced this Enhanced Tracking Protection in July 2019. In September it became a default option. According to some sources, Firefox had blocked more than 450 billion third-party sites, cookies and some other tracking activities by launching this new feature.

Now, users are getting a clear picture of the numerous cookies and third-party sites with the launch of Mozilla Firefox 70. Whenever you browse through the web, this Mozilla Firefox 70 gives an insight into the trackers that tracks all you activities online or that follows you around.

In ‘Standard Mode’, Firefox has an enhanced privacy set-up by default. It allows users to change it to the ‘Strict Mode’. In this Strict Mode some websites may breakdown because this mode offers the tight-knit user data protection.

What actually does this enhanced privacy protection do? To say it simply, this latest update gives the users a brief info about the number of cookies and sites that Firefox blocked to prevent the user from loss of information. You will get the complete report of third-party apps and sites that are trying to track your information. However, they will get blocked from making such attempts.

Firefox allows you to handle the data breaches in a flash. It allows you to rectify your security breaches and you can also get updates on insecure passwords. You can handle passwords, logins, synced accounts under a single platform with the Firefox Lockwise.

Where can we find these Firefox privacy reports? This advanced feature is on Firefox 70. So to take online security to a notch higher and to end your privacy concerns, you need to make sure to have this Firefox 70 latest version.

On the top left corner of the address bar, you can see a shield icon which is nothing but the Privacy option. Click on the Blocked option to find the label which displays the exact list of cookies, trackers and other third-party sites which Firefox blocked from tracking you. You can identify and manage the third-party sites on that web page through these settings only.

At the bottom part of the web page you can see the Protection Settings which helps to regulate how Firefox protecting your data from trackers. There will be Show Report option which displays the daily report of trackers that were blocked by Firefox.

If there are no sites that are blocked by Firefox, then the shield icon will be appeared in grey color. If it identifies and blocks any trackers or cookies or third-party sites then the shield icon will be appeared in purple-blue color.

With the launch of these updates, Mozilla is giving great importance to the user security. Users can be benefited in numerous ways with this advanced privacy security. It even helps you in small troubles. Means, you can escape from the ads that keeps following you to any visited sites. So, users should thank Mozilla for making user security as its priority.

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