Google is now bringing the Gmail’s auto-complete feature to Google Docs

Google is now bringing the auto-complete feature of Gmail to Google Docs. Google actually introduced the auto-complete feature to Gmail first. Now it is being extended to Google docs. Auto-complete feature is extremely useful as it automatically fills ups the sentence being typed by predicting the remaining phrase based on the relevance of the content.

The auto-complete can also be called as smart composure. The smart composure was added to Gmail last year with the idea to make writing easier. This feature made composing emails a bit easier task. Now, you can enjoy this feature in Google docs also. But for now, it is only available for G Suite users as a beta version.

The company says that this feature not only is used to fill up the sentence by suggesting relevant phrases based on the context you are writing. But, it is also used to check spellings and grammatical errors. It reduces the number of repetitive words in the sentence. This auto-complete can be made use by right-clicking the cursor or by clicking the tab button. You can also turn off this feature in the preferences menu in the tools.

This auto-complete feature is right now only available in English. You will have to wait and see for its release in all other languages. The announcement about the smart composure feature available for Google docs happened in the Google Cloud Next event in the United Kingdom this year. Actually, this feature uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predicting the next phrases based on the context.

Google says, “Smart composure helps you compose high-quality content in Google Docs faster and more easily. It saves you time by cutting back on repetitive writing, helps reduce the chance of spelling and grammatical errors, and can suggest relevant contextual phrases.” Google says that smart composure helped people save 2 billion characters each week.


This feature will be very useful to people like journalists or any others who will write many words each day. But, if you rely on it too much, you will sometimes end up in the repetition of sentences. And, seeing the growth, we do not wait too long, until the release of feature which will itself write the whole story with the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Actually, the smart composure was added to Gmail and released with the Pixel 3 by Google last year. After then, this feature was released to all the Android devices in March, this year. If you want to use the smart composure beta version, you have to ask your domain administrator to sign up for the beta version. If you are the administrator, you can probably sign up for it.

The smart composure actually follows the smart reply released for Gmail. This is used to send for small and short replies to emails. But on the contrast, smart composure suggests how to complete the sentence or phrase. Adding smart composure to Google docs will give you the option of different and variety of writing styles.

With bringing smart composure to Google docs, you will probably be able to complete writing a novel within one day. But, Google has made many restrictions on it, starting from it will only be available in beta version, and only in English and that too only domain administrator can sign up for the beta version.

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