Google to remove Flash content from its search results

With the popularity of Flash diminishing every day, Google plans to obliterate it from Google search. Yes, that’s right. Try including any Flash content as a part of Google’s search engine. It will not be searched upon. Google would not recognize or index any kind of Flash content from later on this year. This will be applicable to SWF files, as well.

Well, this has been expected for a long time, considering the fact that Flash is no longer in demand in recent times the way it used to be. There was a time when Flash was the most sought after technology. If one could recollect, in the early 2000s, Flash plugin was required by every content creator in order to embed media, videos, or any kind of animations on their websites.

The engineering manager of Google Dong-Hwi Lee even stated that in the latter part of 2013, the Flash runtime was installed at least 500 million times. Once upon a time, people relied on Flash to get some interesting stuff on the Internet. It was quite in demand as compared to normal text on the web, with interesting animations, media, and many actions.

What went wrong with Flash?
So then, what happened such that Flash is no longer being asked for? Apparently, with the introduction of some latest web standards like HTML5 and WebGL, Flash has taken a backseat. Adobe had announced a long time back in 2017 itself that it plans to do away with Flash by the end of 2020. Flash is already dysfunctional in Chrome. Google, so far, was supporting Flash-related content. But from now on, it will discontinue doing the same.

Adobe, in collaboration with its partners like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Mozilla has been working out for a resolution so as to do away with Flash simply and smoothly.

What would happen if Flash is not supported in Google search?
Not much change would be visible for viewers due to the death of Flash. Lately, websites containing Flash-related content are normally not figuring out anywhere on top of Google’s search results. All the main browsers, by default, are blocking or not recognizing Flash at present. Even Adobe has blocked Flash.

Not including Flash as a part of its search engine does not mean that the websites which contain Flash content will not be reflected in the search results at all. However, if the search for a particular website is dependent on any kind of Flash content, then such sites will not be figuring out in the search results. Simply to say, Google will not crawl them.

Does this mean one cannot look for Flash content on the Internet?
Of course not. There is quite a lot of good Flash content stored up on the Internet. For instance, there are some really good old Flash games available. So, if one wants to access these games or any other Flash-related data, they can do so by directly accessing the website. Else, they can take the help of Google as well. However, the usage of search keywords should be such that there is no Flash content in them.

So, would Flash totally disappear now? Well, at present, one cannot give a definite answer. However, its existence does not seem to make any difference to most people out there.

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