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How to do Taco Bell Survey? – Online/Offline

There is absolutely no doubt in assuming that Taco Bell is one of the most popular food joints. It has given strong competition to joints like McDonald’s and KFC in regards to customer satisfaction and food quality. But for a company to be successful, it needs to keep in mind that the customer needs to feel the best and also eat the best. And to make sure about it, Taco Bell has come up with its Taco Bell online survey.

In this survey, the company will ask you to share honest feedback regarding their customer service, food quality, taste, ambiance, waiting time, etc. You must be wondering, what is it in for you? Well, every customer that takes a Taco Bell customer service survey will be rewarded with $500. And here on how to do the Taco Bell survey, we will guide you step by step on it.

Modes of participation in Taco Bell Survey

How to do Taco Bell Survey? There is only one way by which you can participate in the Taco Bell survey, i.e., online. You cannot use offline mode to participate since there is no such facility. You have to use your Taco Bell survey code in order to participate in the survey, which is nothing but your invoice number. If you want to share your opinion or any suggestions, you should take the Taco Bell online survey. 

In order to get all the necessary guidelines about how to do a Taco Bell survey, you can check the official website. You have to use your own laptop or personal computer or smartphones if you are interested in giving the survey. It is important to give feedback after receiving service from any outlet of the Taco Bell. You may have a chance to win a reward from the company as well.

Questions asked in Taco Bell Customer Survey

There will be some questions related to the service which any outlet of Taco Bell has provided you. The question will be simple and regarding the quality of service as well as food. In this article, you will have a brief idea about how the company will frame the question for customers. 

  • The first question will be based on the experience and level of satisfaction after getting the service from any particular outlet. You will be provided with some option, and you are supposed to select any one option among them. Select the option depending on the level of satisfaction you have felt after getting service from the Taco Bell. After selecting an option, you can proceed to the next question. 
  • The next question will be related to the type of order you have placed. You will have some option like Dine-in, Carry-Out, and others. Based on which service you have opted for ordering the food items, you are supposed to select any one option among them. After selecting any one from the given option, proceed to the next question. 
  • The third question will be related to the satisfaction level of the food which you have received. They will ask some sub-questions related to the appearance of food, packing of food items, how much you are satisfied with accuracy food which has been delivered, how much you are satisfied with the portion of food you have received, and many more. They will even ask you about how the staff members have behaved with you while getting the service. You will have several options to mention your level of satisfaction. After selecting the required options, you can proceed to the next one.
  • The next question will be related to the problems faced by you while reaching the outlet of the Taco Bell. You will just have two options in this question. If you faced any problem in accessing the outlet, select the yes button. If you reached the outlet without any problem, select no button. After selecting any one of them, you can proceed to the next one. 
  • In the end, if you have anything to add more about the service or the food you have received, which is not covered in the survey, you can ask in this next question. They will ask you if you need anything more to say about the service. You can write a paragraph about what issue you have faced or if you want to praise the service which you have received. 
  • The last question will be related to your revisit to the Taco Bell outlet. They will ask you about your interest in visiting the Taco Bell in the future. If you liked the service and food item and wish to pay a visit again, you can press yes. If you do not wish to pay a visit or order again from the Taco Bell, you can select no. It is a general format of a Taco Bell online survey system.

What are the Rules and Requirements to take Taco Bell Online Survey?

Every survey comes with rules and requirements, and the Taco Bell Survey is no other. Before you jump into the section ‘how to do a survey for Taco Bell’, make sure that you have read and gone through each and every rule that we have listed below.


  • To take the survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can take the survey only one time.
  • One cannot leave the Taco Bell customer survey in mid-way, else it won’t count.
  • You will have to complete the survey at one entry itself.
  • If you leave the survey mid-way you and you want to take it, later on, you will have to start afresh with a new invoice number.


  • A desktop/laptop or a mobile phone/tablet with an active internet service.
  • A Taco Bell Invoice/Receipt.
  • A 16 digit survey code printed on the invoice.
  • Taco Bell Shop Number.
  • Date and Time of your Invoice.

How to do the Taco Bell Survey? @

In this segment, we will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of taking the Tell the Bell Taco Bell Survey. So that you may not make any mistakes and have to take the survey with a new invoice number.

Step 1: Get your laptop or any device like a mobile. Make sure that internet service is available.

Step 2: Open a web browser that you use, the most suggested will be Google Chrome, as it is fast and reliable.

Step 3: In the address space, type, and click on the go. Check out the rules given in that page to know whether you are eligible or not.

Step 4: Get your receipt as you need to enter some details to take the survey.

Step 5: You may have to enter the store number, date, and time when you last visited Taco Bell. Make sure that it matches with your invoice.

Step 6: As soon as you are done with the previous step, a Start button will appear. Just click on it.

Step 7: When you start the survey, the online portal will ask you with one question after another, and you will have to answer them very honestly. The answers should be based on real experience.

Step 8: When you are done answering all the questions, the website will provide you with a link that will buy you a free entry into Sweepstakes. This entry will make you eligible to win a $500 cash prize.

Why am I unable to do Tell the Bell Taco Bell Survey?

There are only two possible conditions in which you are unable to do the Taco Bell survey. The first one is that you may not have a properly registered invoice number. In this case, you should contact the service provider. If your invoice is not correct or invalid, you are not being allowed to take the Taco Bell online survey. The second condition is that you may not be 18 years old. 

The minimum age requirement to take the Taco Bell survey is that you should be at least 18 years old. In both the condition, you are not able to take the Taco Bell survey. If you are confused about how to do the Taco Bell survey, you can check the official website for any assistance.

About Taco Bell

Almost 70 years ago, in 1950, Glen Bell had started his venture of Taco Bell with the mission to provide good quality food to the customers in a most comforting ambiance. The Taco Bell is a food restaurant. They have many franchises throughout the world. The first outlet was set in the area of Downey, CA. At present, the company owns more than 7000 outlets. 

If you pay a visit to the nearest Taco Bell, you will be surprised by looking at the cuisine. There are numerous food items that you can taste. In 1970, the company went public, and nowadays, the multinational company PepsiCo owns all the outlets of the Taco Bell.

They even have a facility to provide you with online services. You can use their mobile application on your smart devices in order to place an order. You will get your order on your doorstep with the help of Taco Bell online services.


How often can the same person do a Taco Bell survey?

The same person can do a Taco Bell survey as many times as he wants. But he will be considered for a free entry into Sweepstakes for only his first turn.

What happens to a Taco Bell survey that reports the employees cursing?

When a customer reports in a Taco Bell Survey that an employee has been found cursing the company will note it immediately. They will take due action on the employee after following the noted protocol to verify the report.

How many times can I do the Taco Bell survey?

You can do a Taco Bell survey as many times as you want with a valid invoice number. However, you won’t be eligible for a $500 win as only your first attempt counts. It has been reported, in case you attempt fraud by multiple email addresses, all your entries will be disqualified.

How do you get the money if you win the Taco Bell survey?

In case you win the Taco Bell Survey, the company will notify you in your email within two weeks. 

How do you get the money if you win the Taco Bell survey?

If you win the Taco Bell Survey, the company may require you to submit some documents related to eligibility. When you are done providing the documents, the company will immediately release a $500 cheque on your name.

What happens if I complete a survey for an employee meal at Taco Bell?

If you complete a survey for an employee meal at Taco Bell, you are not eligible for the $500 win, as this offer is only available for their customers and not employees.

How to win the Taco Bell survey?

To win a Taco Bell survey, you have to use your invoice number to take a survey. It will gain you a free entry into Sweepstakes, which will do a lottery for a said entry period. The lottery announces the top 10 winners that get away with a $500 cash prize.

What is the first number Taco Bell survey code?

The first number of Taco Bell survey code is not same every time. Some times it might be Zero as well. So, include all the digits of store number including zeros. Survey code is nothing but the invoice number that is printed on your receipt.


So there goes our guideline on doing the Taco Bell survey. I hope you win the lottery as there is a 20% chance of winning for every customer. The survey is very easy and mostly concentrates on asking customers about their overall experience and the quality of food. Just make sure that you have followed all the rules and prerequisites as given by the company.

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