Test proves Dark Mode in iOS 13 saves battery life on OLED devices

Recently Apple launched the dark mode feature in its iOS 13. This feature is traveling fast into the world of smartphones. In various private apps, this dark mode feature has been gaining popularity. Developers of various apps have already started introducing this dark mode in their apps. Google also introduction this feature in Android 10 to not lag behind.

Now, the developers are claiming that, dark mode is showing great impact on the battery life of iPhones with OLED screens. When this feature came into the picture, the iPhone XS seems to show 30% improvement in its battery life.

The reason behind introducing dark mode is to take away the strain from the human eye. On the top it, it is now proved that it also saves the battery life of our phone which users are complaining mostly these days.

With the help of robotic arm, the phonebuff has put the iPhone 11 pro max under the radar and tested the iOS with normal light mode and dark mode. As a result it showed the massive improvement when tested under the dark mode feature. After 2 hours of testing the normal mode displayed 83% battery while the dark mode displayed 88% battery.

In the current scenario, saving battery life has became an urgency. The massive displayed mobiles that offer every feature to its users also tends to induce the pressure of regularly charging the phone.

This is the reason why the dark mode feature could be a breakthrough for smartphones. If the mobiles are dark mode compatible, it could even improve the sales of mobiles. However, some mobiles like Galaxy Fold 2 and Sony mobiles still haven’t implemented this dark mode. Also, this dark mode has been suggested for Gmail..

According to another survey, Twitter was tested under dark mode and as a result it displayed 72%. When it was used under normal light mode it showed 57%. Means, in dark mode it consumed 16% and in normal mode it consumed 26% which shows a drastic difference.

YouTube was also tested which consumed 29% in dark mode and 37% in the light mode. Another test on Google Map drained the battery completely in normal mode and in dark mode, it survived with 26% battery.

In all these tests on different applications between two modes proved that dark mode is better. So, now users will get clarity whether to enable the dark mode or not.

The scientific mechanism that runs behind the gadget is, in the mobiles with OLED display like iPhone 11 Pro Max the black pixels will be turned off and in mobiles with LCD panels they will be at low level. However, they affect the performance of screen brightness and the background apps.

Apple company decided to launch energy-saving features that existed with iPhones if once this dark mode feature arrived in the market. Instead of looking for an alternative, every program and application running of mobiles are looking constantly for different ways to launch the dark mode as soon as possible. Along with taking care of your eyes, this dark mode seems to save more battery life.

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