Los Angeles Fire Department plans to double up the number of drones

The world’s third-largest fire department, the Los Angeles Fire department has been a witness to a budget of 691 million dollars the previous year, and after New York and Chicago, it accounts for the world’s third-largest. This year, the fire department accounts for a significant increase in the number of drones, so that they can provide a better service in identifying as well as preventing the fire caused. In the field of drone fleet in the fire department, Los Angeles has proved itself as an emerging and early leader, and this was hugely possible due to the tie-up of Los Angeles with a Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI.

This was one of the largest partnerships in the history with a fire-fighting agency of the US; and Bill Chen, the enterprise partnership manager, expressed his happiness for the two-way collaboration with one of the world’s largest fire-fighting agency. It did express that the whole two-way process not only helped the Los Angelis fire department but also helped the company to know the capacity and efficiency of a drone working in an emergency situation.

This was an experiment that was conducted in the United States’ one of the busiest and complex urban environment and was vividly successful for which the Battalion Chief, Richard Fields, immediately in a span of five months thought about doubling the number of working drones which includes a fleet of newly deployed drones.

Richard Fields, who serves as the Battalion Chief and the head of the department’s Unmanned aerial systems program, wants a significant and visible increase in the number of drones that have been used. Also, said a few words regarding their upcoming plans with respect to the fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles popularly known to be drones.

On this context, Fields said, “Our next iteration is to start using our drones to assist our specialized resources”. Those are firefighters and support crews that deal with hazardous materials, urban search and rescue, marine environments and swift water rescues, Fields said.


Fields have credited the amount of vigorous training to the drones being successfully involved in a life-saving situation and claimed that the Los Angeles Fire Department pilot receives training up to 80 hours. This is recorded to be larger in amount than any drone operator. Thus, clearly, the success rate of drones is very much interdependent on the efficiency of an operator who operates the drones in the situation of emergency.

The Los Angeles Fire department has been an organization that has responded to nearly 5,00,000 calls alone in 2018 and has 258 fire engines, ambulances and helicopters. In addition to this, it has 11 drones that aids to the number of engines, helicopters and other vehicles. The department is known to be well aware of several unavoidable fire breakouts and always successfully fights through the fire outbreaks and recently has helped in preventing a 40-acre wildfire that had turned out to damage El Sereno homes.

Hence, the use of drones has helped the department manifold times to overcome unavoidable situations, and they fight through them by using the drones which in turn contain infrared sensor technology that helps to assess fire properly. We hope the Los Angeles fire department achieves the significant drones and serve mankind in a lot better way.

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