OnePlus CEO Pete Lau gives sufficing reasons for the omission of the idea of 5G version of 7T pro

The OnePlus has continuously been keeping the whole market and customers in an ecstatically interesting drive of newness and perfection. Last week it had come up with its new launch the OnePlus 7T pro edition and also have launched the McLauren editions of smartphones of this series.

The One Plus 7T pro series have come up in India the previous week and is presently for 53,999 INR while the McLauren edition of the same series is being sold at 58,999 INR in India. This new launch was made on the 10th of October 2019 and has been the much-talked gadget as of now. People and tech-gurus are making their idea and providing their reviews and comparisons regarding the device.

The OnePlus 7T pro device comes with a 6.67-inch display that comes with the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus. It has been upgraded with a battery of 4085 mAh capacity and has Android 10 as its operating system. The operating system is Oxygen based OS with a dual sim provision, accepting only nano sim cards.

This phone is equipped with 8GB RAM and has a storage of 256GB. Since the beginning, the phone is of burning importance to all the phone photographers, and this new launch has a front camera of 16MP and a back camera of 48MP+16MP+8MP. This has stolen the charm of the other devices with its premium build quality and a very vivid, clear, and immersive display.

It has many merits in aid to the buyers who shall not at all be disappointed with the battery capacity and the super-fast charging capabilities. It also is aided with useful secondary cameras that is a merit of this model. Among the cons, unrealistic colors displayed in 4K video has been noticed and also reviewers have this feeling that the image capturing quality under low-light circumstances could have been better.

It happens to be slightly heavier than the earlier versions and doesn’t support the wireless charging too. As far as the connectivity is concerned, it has 4G enabled in both the sim cards and has C-type USB. Apart from that, it supports Bluetooth v5.00 and USB OTG.

Despite all these, there has been continuous speculation about no introduction to 5G in this series of launch to which the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has answered the reason for not ringing in this technological evolution. OnePlus has always been the one which had its immense curiosity and interest in releasing 5G device; hence, this omission was somehow not acceptable among the people and was speculated.

There were heavy anticipations among people that the company is going to launch a 5G device in this McLauren editioned series, but it did not. Recently to a limited group of media, the CEO has discussed the company’s perspective about the launch of 5G devices, and Lau has given sufficing reasons for the omission of the idea of a 5G device.

There was a press interaction of the CEO in the United Kingdom, where he said, the company has launched its 5G devices in few countries and shall pertain a goal to launch this device in as many countries as possible. But it also considers the availability of the 5G network in the countries it is going to launch.

And with this, Lau has expressed that, India will not be able to avail the 5G network by 2020, although 2020 shall experience a flagship trend of 5G devices. Hence, Lau says the company is not planning to launch any 5G device in India by 2020. He vividly explained that the whole idea of launching a 5G device in India would completely depend on India’s progress and as a country, its suitability for products in different regions.

The company is completely focussing on the technological support a country’s network can provide to its devices, and as per the progress continued by India, 5G is still not achievable in India shortly. However, OnePlus 8 might introduce the 5G evolution in India. Other than this, the OnePlus has huge plans regarding television launches in India, and we are eagerly waiting for this flagship to set trends!

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