Spotify to hold its ‘Spotify Awards’ show soon in Mexico

Well, the Music award show has always been everyone’s favorite thing, mostly for the teen audience. Music Awards has always been the best time to swoon over your favorite artist performance as well as their pheromones! Swooning aside, it doesn’t change the fact that Music has always been everybody’s favorite escapade every once in a while from the mundane reality.

And Spotify has been feeling the same lately, I guess! Why? You ask. Well, here’s the gossip. Spotify will be holding its Music award show. And duh! It’s not something to be very surprised. Spotify has been a very popular music app lately, along with its new version of self for kids. The Spotify kids app, which will have filtered content for the young, ‘Musicholics,’ and with this Spotify will be on its journey to become the favorite of the parents too! Hey, that’s an alert as well as gaining points for all the childhood sweethearts’ out there to impress either’ parents. Just kidding!

So, let me get back to the “Gossip” again. Where were we? Yes, so as I was spilling the beans to you guys, that Spotify will be hosting a Music award show of its kind. Well, according to the Company, the Spotify award show is going to be “a true reflection of what fans are listening to.” And here is the big catch, Spotify announced its very own music Award show, ‘Spotify Awards’ after Grammy’s award 2020 nominees were revealed less than 24 hours ago! And the Award show will not have its live broadcast in New York, London, or Paris but on Turner Latin America in Mexico City.

Surprising right! But Spotify doesn’t seem to think like that at all. According to it, Mexico is the most streaming city in the world, even far more than New York or any other city. And the awards will not be awarded based on the genre of the song, but the times it has been played as well as liked by the users for according to the Company, “Your plays, patterns, and habits will help determine the award categories, finalists, and winners. You can get excited about an awards ceremony that speaks to what the people are streaming.”

Well, that surely an out of the box thing! For we can see that most of the Music Awards are generally based on categories and most of which include specific genre or artist instead. So, I guess one can get excited about the streamers as well as the artist.

And to spice things up, Spotify has released a Promo video of the same but only in Spanish. Well, it might arouse curiosity among the streamers. But it appears that the award show will be emphasizing more in Latin America Market. Apart from it, no other piece of information or any teasers has been released by the Company. The Company is trying to blur much of the information on the Award show. Well, Halloween hasn’t passed for many, I guess!

Here’s What Mia Nygren, Spotify’s Managing Director for Latin America, said_ “Thanks to streaming and the true audience size of Mexico, users are in the front seat like never before. We decided to celebrate this by recognizing what users love based entirely on their listening. The Spotify Awards is all about this, giving everyone an opportunity to be part of the show.” The Spotify will have the inaugural ceremony of the same on 5th March 2020, for which Spotify will “broadcast live on TNT for all of Spanish speaking Latin America” from Mexico.

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