Spotify now recommends podcast in a daily playlist

Just finished your favorite podcast and have no clue about what to listen to next. Don’t worry because Spotify got you all covered with their Your Daily Podcast List. Spotify has just personalized your daily podcast recommendation list.

Spotify launched Your Daily Podcast list on November 19. The new suggestion list provides the listeners with an automated list of podcasts that may match your taste to a great degree. Spotify revealed that during its testing phase, the playlist offered some pretty positive results, which prompted the company to introduce the feature for the users to enjoy in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with India being an exception.

The new feature creates a playlist based on the podcasts that people already follow, popular podcasts in a similar genre, podcasts about similar topics, podcasts featuring the same host or other notable personality, and podcasts with similar attributes. That’s not all, to give listeners a gist of what they can listen to the playlist also features trailers, a smaller news bite or a teaser. The director of product design, Emily Rawitsch, made it clear that the team did not commit to any specific format nor gave any preference to certain shows over others. The playlist is purely based on what the listener listens to on a regular basis.

As for the working of the algorithm behind the making of the playlist, no information had been made public. Rawitsch refused to spill any details about how the algorithm overcomes the more complicated issues that are used to categorize the podcasts into desired categories.

“We may be serving you podcasts from where you left off, or it may be another episode in a podcast you already listen to, After that, we get into the discovery portion, where we recommend podcasts and shows we think you’re going to like.” Rawitsch said in an interview.

The feature uses the Spotify’s humongous catalog of over 500,000 titles to bring together a unique playlist for the listeners on a daily basis. The new feature is available to both free and premium users. With 248 million monthly active users and 113 million paid subscribers as of this October, the streaming service stated that almost 14% of their users account for those who listen to podcasts on a regular basis, with the US being the major streamer.

Rawitsch compared the Your Daily Podcast with Daily Mix and commented on how Spotify is just trying to make podcast listening super easy. Rawitsch also acknowledged how categorizing podcasts is more complicated than categorizing music due to the fact that the multitude of attributes involved is greater.

The company also announced that it will not be running ads for now. The company emphasized the fact that podcast listeners are simply more demanding than average music listeners, as for them, the content is not just about entertainment. People often use podcasts to catch up with the current trends and news or to learn some new skills.

If the new feature turns out to be as good as Spotify claims it to be then, it would be a win-win situation for not only the company but for the listeners and curators too. Listeners won’t just rely on word of mouth for new and exciting content, and curators will have a greater chance to reach a bigger audience.

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