Spotify delivers free Google Home Mini for Premium Subscribers

Spotify provides free Google Home Mini for its Premium Subscribers. As a promotional offer, Spotify has announced that now the Premium Subscribers can claim their reward. The offer stands for current members as well as new Premium Subscribers. 

On Tuesday, Spotify announced that its Premium Subscribers only will get a Google Home Mini for free. The Sweden based music streaming platform is all set to gift its users with a smart offer. 

Spotify is an audio streaming platform that consists of more than 230 million subscribers across the world. It consists of 108 million paid users. Available in most of the European countries and selected countries in other continents. 

Spotify consists of three types of offers for its Premium Subscribers, namely Individual account, Family account, and Student account. Subscribers should pay $9.99 per month for an Individual account, $14.99 per month for a Family account, and Students can claim a special offer of $4.99 per month. 

In order to get $50 worth Google Home mini, Subscribers need to visit Spotify ‘s website. Their website consists of a pop-up message for the promotional offer. By following the instructions, one can pay the amount for a new subscription as per their choice. 

Current Premium Subscribers can just log in to their account. Once logged in, they need to look out for their plan. By doing so, users can see the message provided in the website which states as follows 

‘Already have a Premium Account? Get your Google Home Mini free’

By clicking on the link provided, the user can reserve their Google Home Mini. After verifying the eligibility, the user will receive an email from Spotify confirming their reservation for a Google Home Mini. After some time, another mail will be sent to the users.

The said mail will consist of a link, and clicking on it will lead users to the Google online store. Users can use the promotional code provided to them and can get their Google Home Mini. 

This catchy offer comes with terms and conditions. Spotify lays several conditions to rule out the crowd. Users need to pass through the gates to reach their Google Home Mini. Conditions are as follows.

  •  Both premium Individual and Family Subscribers are eligible for this offer. Student premium user cannot claim this offer. 
  • If the user is using Spotify Premium on a free trial, then they are slashed out of the game. ( Spotify provides free premium account trail for a period of 30 days). 

Last year, Spotify announced a similar offer, if the user had already claimed their reward last year, then they are not eligible for this year’s offer. 

It turns out that this offer is limited, as Spotify states that the offer stands till November 15. It also depends on the number of supplies. So even if users are Eligible, if the product is outnumbered, they cannot get their Google Home Mini. 

Spotify gained attention with this flashy promotion. The offer is like killing two birds with one stone. Spotify can reward it’s loyal Premium Subscribers with the little Gift. Also, gain new premium users with this offer. (New Users can get a Google Home Mini on the purchase of Premium Subscription) 

On the whole, premium Subscribers can get a Google Home Mini if they are lucky enough. But if the users are looking out for the latest Nest mini speaker, they will be disappointed, as the offer is for 2017 launched Google Home Mini.

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