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Tell the Bell Winners – Who won the $500 cash prize this time?

Food is considered to be the most effortless way to gain space in someone’s heart in one go. The extent of deliciousness defines the range of excitement that stays on the tongue, but what creates a greater impact on the creators is the feedback! Genuine and interesting feedback often helps in uplifting the status of a particular dish, restaurant, or say food chain. YES! I am talking about the US-based food Taco Bell, which is now located in different parts of the world, including India, and has already made a way to our hearts, but to keep that fire going Taco Bell has come up with a survey named “Tell the bell.”

Under this survey, Taco Bell’s Tell the bell lets the customers use various review and rating systems provided by the company to generate their satisfaction report. The feedback is taken into consideration to improvise in the existing quo of the food. Through this survey, the company also aims to have told the bell winners. Taco Bell customer survey winners will get a chance to enjoy some perks.

How does Taco Bell decide the Winners of the survey?

  1. The organization incorporates the sweepstakes process to decide the Taco Bell Tell the Bell winners.
  2. Through the drawing contest, Taco Bell will select 4 people in a random nature for the cash prize of $500.
  3. The list of winners is declared within a week of the entry on the Tell the Bell customer satisfaction survey.
  4. Taco Bell posts the winner’s credentials on their official website.
  5. After this, someone from the firm contacts the winner as a part of the confirmation process.
  6. So basically, the choice of the winner is more of a random task, and the Tell the Bell winners are chosen randomly.

Terms and Conditions

 There are certain guidelines as well as terms and conditions to be fulfilled to be a winner and to win a complete $500 cash prize. Let’s watch it out for Taco Bell $500 winners:

  • A printed receipt of the Taco Bell is mandatory.
  •  A unique code is present on the receipt for further purposes.
  • Within 48 hours of the previous visit, the feedback needs to be submitted.
  • For the review, a device and internet connection to it is essential. the
  • In case of a missing survey, there is an alternative way to use the date and time of the last purchase made from any store, including winner individual should be of age above 18 to be a part of Taco Bell tell the bell winner. 
  • Only the legalized United States resident is allowed to be a part of the contest.
  • The language for accessing the website should be chosen between English and Spanish only.
  • Fees and tax must be paid accordingly.
  • If the individual is the winner of the contest, he/she cannot be a part of the Taco Bell Tell the Bell survey.

How to participate in Tell the Bell survey to win $500?

After getting acquainted with the terms and conditions to Tell the Bell winnersThe contest is up for a limited duration of time. So hurry up and get ready to win $500. Let’s take a sneak peek as to how to get into this contest. 

There are two ways to enter the contest viz online and via mail.

Online Method

The online entry requires a store number that can be obtained if you buy from any store across the United States.

  1. Open the browser and make sure you have a proper internet connection on that particular device.
  2.  To have the access of the official platform in the address bar enter the website: and continue
  3. The official forum will be opened as soon as you perform the previous step.
  4. The default language is English, but as there are two languages in which you can access the website, mainly English and Spanish, so accordingly, you can choose.
  5. Now you are supposed to enter that code present on the receipt.
  6.  All you need to do is just enter the store number, date and time and click on Start number.
  7. After this, it will automatically direct you to a form that contains a set of questions for the survey.

Offline Method

Now let’s turn to the offline (mail-in) method to participate in this survey: 

  1. Write the credentials including your name, address, zip code, email address on a sheet
  2. Mail the paper in a business-sized envelope to the address specified below. Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield, MA 48325
  3. The questions here are design in such a format that out of multiple options give the contestant is supposed to choose one from the number of options given
  4. The questions have a particular flow; for example, the question one of them Tell the bell survey is.
  5. All you need to do is choose one answer in all the multiple-choice questions that counts to almost fifteen questions.
  6. Make sure that all the answers are answered successfully. There is an easy way out to grab the opportunity to be the ultimate winner of five hundred dollars. 

When you browse through the Taco Bell website, some facts about the company, the survey, and the history are mentioned. And the terms and conditions regarding the contest are clearly stated in document format. To be a winner, all you need to do is top the Taco Bell list. Other techniques include adding a flavor about your favorite dish from the Taco Bell in the feedback form itself. This would give a perception of promotion of Taco Bell as well hence providing you an upper edge

Process to check the Tellthebell Winners

One can directly check the list of winners on the official website of Tell the Bell under the section of TelltheBell com winners List. It keeps on updating with every publication. It shows winners of each entry period. The Taco Bell customer survey winners get notified after 1 week of TellTheBell drawing date.

List of Winners Tell the Bell

A list of Tell the Bell 500 winners is,

  • Sheldon P, IL – Entry Period 43
  • Raymond W, VA – Entry Period 44
  • Rebecca B, PA – Entry Period 45
  • Laura B, ME – Entry Period 46
  • Daniel H, MI – Entry Period 47
  • Gabriel A, CA – Entry Period 48
  • Jeff W, OH – Entry Period 49
  • Unclaimed – Entry Period 50
  • Matthew J, WI – Entry Period 51
  • Jason B, FL – Entry Period 52

These are the top 10 Tellthebell winners, to check out the complete Taco Bell survey winners list visit,

About Taco Bell

An American food chain started by Glen Bell in 1962 in California is now situated in various parts, counting to locations more than 7000. It serves a variety of Mexican fast-food including tacos, burgers under Yum Brands now.

A huge advertising campaign by Taco Bell was begun in late February 2011 in response to a consumer protection lawsuit filed against the company by an Alabama law firm. In 2017, Taco Bell collaborated with Forever21, a famous clothing line to produce sweatshirts and hoodies based on the company’s theme.

Taco Bell Customer Service Details

Taco Bell is very vigilant when it comes to rectifying the grievances regarding the product, so they have a proper customer service contact number, i.e. (800)822-6235. In case of any complaints, this number is always available.

The continuous connection with the customer is important when it comes to maintaining good customer service to have customer loyalty for a longer duration of time. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Taco Bell’s tell the bell contest.

How many winners have there been on the Taco Bell Xbox giveaway?

Taco Bell Xbox giveaway is gifted to 5454 winners.

How to use the winner’s confirmation code Taco Bell? 

All the conformation codes must be entered for redemption before the 23rd December 2019 on the website.

How are Taco Bell cash winners contacted?

One individual from the Taco Bell reaches out to the winners with the help of contact details provided during survey for the further procedure.

How do you know if you won Tell the Bell?

Someone from Taco Bell will contact you soon if you won the Tell the Bell.

What happens if I win to Tell the Bell contest?

Tell the Bell winners are the Taco Bell $500 winner.


The interactive way to get along with the customers while letting the customer win cash prizes and giveaways gives the company an upper hand in the market. The buzz that Taco Bell has created through the forum “Tell the Bell” in turn will provide profit to the company as this survey will create honest feedback by the customers and also helps in strengthening the backbone of Taco Bell.

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