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TelltheBell Survey in Australia – Is it still working?

Tellthebell is the customer satisfaction survey of Taco Bells, the largest fast-food chain in America. Taco Bell is an America – based company with its operations throughout the world. Taco Bell Australia is now open in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria states. With a good concentration of 13 locations around Australia, there are plans to open more than 100 stores by the end of 2024.

At Taco Bell Australia, you can get the same Mexican fast-food menu as the rest of the world. You get Burrito, Tacos, Quesadilla, Nachos, and power Bowls with chips and dips. If you are thirsty, get one soft drink or chilled beer or cider or iced tea from the store and enjoy your food. Tellthebell survey in Australia is for the Australian citizens who love Tacos and American food. This survey provides a chance for the customers to submit their honest survey and to win $500 either online or offline.

TelltheBell Australia Survey

Taco Bells could not make a stand in the Australian market because of the confusion in the name between Taco Bell and Taco Bell. After the name clash is over, they are opening new stores in Australia to provide more Tacos and Nachos with the Mexican flavor to the Australian citizens. Tell the bell survey provides a chance for the fast-growing Taco bell in Australia, to open more stores around the major states. 

Customers get a chance to provide their feedback and help the company to succeed in their third comeback. It will also act as a source for Taco bells to correct themselves and open more stores according to the taste of Australia.

Four customers get a chance to win $500 cash price, free Tacos, and discount coupons every week. Their sweepstakes are open for all the Australian citizens who had purchased some food in their stores. 

Eligibility and Rules to take Taco Bell Australia Survey

There are some eligibility criteria to participate in the Tellthebell survey. They are:

  • You must be an Australian citizen.
  • The minimum age for participation is 18 years.
  • To fill the survey online, you need a stable internet connection.
  • For effective filling of the survey, you need to be an English speaker.
  • Must have the memo receipt of your visit to Taco Bells.
  • Coupon code can be used only once for the survey.
  • The coupon must be completed before 48 hours from your last visit.

How to participate in the Tell the Bell Australia Survey?

Step 1: Open the website link for Tellthebell Australia customer survey online ( )

Step 2:  Enter the 16 digit survey code present in the memo receipt in the field to proceed further.

Step 3: If you could not find the survey code, you can still enter the survey by entering the information like store number, date, and time of visit along with the order number.

Step 4: Answer some simple questions like overall satisfaction rate, your order type, rating for the speed of service, friendliness of staffs, cleanliness of the restaurant, and quality of the foo

Step 5: If you are not satisfied with any of the services, you can write about it. It is an optional step.

Step 6: After completing the customer survey Taco Bell, they will ask for your opinion to enter into the sweepstakes contest. You have to press yes to participate and no for only feedback.

Step 7: Fill the necessary details like your name, contact number, email, and address. Click end.

If you want to try your luck without a purchase at Taco Bells, then enter the secret survey hack using a piece of paper to enter the details and write down your feedback and send it to the Taco Bell sweepstakes address mentioned below at the customer service section. 

You have completed the Tell the Bell Australia survey and are eligible for a lucky draw.

The winners are contacted through email and telephone and informed about their prizes. You can also check the winner’s list on their official website. 

Complaints on Taco Bell in Australia

Taco bell Australia is receiving both positive and negative reviews for their service. One customer has recently posted a negative review on social media that the food was disappointing. They have also mentioned that the service was delayed by 45 minutes, and there was no consistency in the food items. The food served was not the real Taco Bell food like that of the United States.

Another customer had reviewed the closing time of Taco Bell. They had pointed out that the shop closed earlier than advertised, and they were left with no option than to starve. The quality of the food was not better for the price.

Taco Bells have immediately replied to all these customer reviews and have apologized for the inconvenience caused for them. They also assured to check the store and promised that these issues would not arise in the future and requested their support in the future too. 

Though the customers accept that the store was clean and well maintained, major complaints rely on the food and price.

Taco Bell vs Taco Bill – What’s the Conflict?

Collins Foods, New Zealand based restaurant company, owns the rights for operating Taco Bell in the three states. Taco Bells is facing problems with Taco Bill Mexican restaurants of Australia for their similar names.

Taco Bells could not establish themselves in Australia because of the misleading actions of Taco Bills. They say that Taco Bell’s stores may be misled to have been owned by Taco Bill at Victoria state as they already have more than 30 stores.

Taco Bills have filed a case against Taco bells on infringement, and they have also claimed for the damages and cost that they have earned through the operation of Taco Bell’s stores. Both the brands had butted heads when Taco Bell entered the market in the 1980s and again in the 2000s.

Both fought for trademark issues, and Taco Bill won the case. In 1996, Taco Bell’s trademark was registered in Australia, and then they faced the court with the required documents and won the case. Later Taco Bell lost interest in opening stores in Australia, and now they have re-launched with plans to open more than 100 stores in various locations of Australia before 2024.

Taco Bell Australia Customer Service

Taco Bells have now re-launching its brand and are opening more stores in the country. All their services are in full swing, and customers can contact them through:

The headquarters of Taco Bells Australia is at 

Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes,
PO Box 251328,
West Bloomfield, MA 48325.

You can drop a mail, and they will respond immediately.


Is Taco Bells open in Australia?

Yes, Taco Bells are open in Australia and have 13 stores in three states. 

Where is Taco Bells located in Australia?

Taco Bells are located in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales states with 13 outlets in the major cities.

I thought that Taco Bells failed in Australia. Is it true?

Taco Bells could not launch itself as a successful brand in Australia because of the existence of a similar restaurant chain Taco Bill. When Taco bells were launched in Australia, Taco Bills filed a complaint against them for the presence of a similar name. So even after, three decades, they are present only in 13 locations in Australia

Final Verdict

Tellthebell Australia is the customer satisfaction survey developed and conducted by Taco Bells, the largest leading fast-food chain. If you are an Australian and want to win Tell the Bell Australia then, you are at the right place. By following the step by step instructions, you can try your luck for a $500 cash prize from Taco Bells.

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