Twitter planning to introduce new rules to stop the Deepfakes; ‘Synthetic and Manipulated Videos’

Regarding the growing Deepfakes, Twitter just confirmed about introducing the new policies against those deepfakes. We know that the social platforms are struggling because of the deepfakes or manipulated videos. And so Vijaya Gadde, chief legal officer of Twitter spoken about the power, tech, privacy and regulation on the panel hosted by WSJ on Monday. He said that Twitter is soon going to formulate the policies regarding deepfakes such as manipulated videos. To support these changes for better, Twitter is also pleading public to come forward.

At the WSJ Conference in Laguna Beach, California, Chied legal office of Twitter said that “We think a lot of people will have an interest in this space”.

It was all started when the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s manipulated video was posted on Twitter and Facebook earlier. In that video, it was manipulated in such a way that she was garbling her words which are drawing audience criticism and especially they were from the democrats.

Such manipulated and synthetic videos published on the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are nothing but the Deepfakes. Videos, images, and audio clips will be altered or manipulated in to some events that have been never happened. These all fall under this deepfakes category.

Twitter is in direction to stop such manipulated videos. Because such manipulated and synthetc videos like deepfakes can damage and disturb the social media platforms potentially. Before these policies rolls out, company will get feedback from the users. This might help the company to refine the rules and boundaries before the new feature goes live.

Big companies like Amazon came together with the Deepfakes detection campaign of Facebook. This campaign helps the government to spot manipulated media by creating open source organizations. Not only Amazon, even Microsoft along with some prestigious universities like Oxford University and MIT are also taking part in this campaign. In the year 2018, Twitter itself banned the fake porn media with celebrity faces.

However, Twitter not yet confirmed about what type of policies it is going to bring to reduce the deepfakes or as per Twitter “synthetic and manipulated media”.

Twitter said in a tweet that “We are always updating our rules based on how online behaviours change. We’re working on a new policy to address synthetic and manipulated media on Twitter- but first, we want to hear from you.”

It also added “What synthetic and manipulated media are? Its media that significantly altered or created in a way that changes the original purpose, or makes it seem like certain events that took place that didn’t happen.”

“The new policy will address this type of content, specifically when it could threaten someone’s physical safety or lead to offline harm.”

“Why are we doing these?

We need to consider how the synthetic media is shared on Twitter in potentially damaging contexts.

We want to listen and consider your perspectives in our policy development process.

We want to be transparent about our approach and values.” Responded Twitter safety.

It is still unknown when these policies will come into picture. Earlier Twitter said that it is planning to ban “dehumanizing language” last September. But it had not implemented until a year later. Even later, the new policies were applied to a narrow subset of language that was aimed at religious groups. So, we should see when these new policies regarding deepfakes will arrive.

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