Uber bringing Electric Mopeds option to its App; but only in Paris

Starting from next month, Paris uber users would be at ease as Uber decides to add electric mopeds to the app. The users will now be able to book motorbikes for their nearby trips. Mopeds are electric scooters which are of great importance, especially in a city where the traffic can be a headache at times. Booking trips from bikes marks a great significance in the field of mobile apps. The company claims to mark a one-stop for all the transport-related avenues.

It has been part of the app in public transport areas of Bay Area, Denver and London. Its a concept to tackle and curb the problem of climate change that has been floating around the world. This addition in the app will enable users to share rides and reduce the traffic around Paris. Cityscoot has collaborated with Uber in order to fleet 4,000 electric mopeds offering price through the uber app.

Uber claims that the JUMP scooters are ideal for short rides such as less than two kilometres rides. While the JUMP bikes are best suited for short duration rides and hence that is where mopeds come into place. However, user opting for long trips will definitely opt for cars, but the short duration courses and last-mile connectivity can be achieved through these mopeds.

Due to multiple options available in Paris such as mobikes, birds, general taxi facilities, metro and buses the Uber company has been losing money, and therefore this initiative marks its way back in the game in an eco-friendly manner. Partnership with Cityscoot is another step forward, as claimed by CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

The uber app, including this facility, will function in the similar manner as it was earlier. It will be displaying several options on the screen from which the user can choose from. Along with the cars and Uber Eats facility, this new option will be a huge success, especially in a fast-paced city like Paris itself. Paris has been known for its architectural buildings and roads which often forbid cars to go in, and that is where the mopeds will come into action. It can also be an excellent option for school going children who use the public transport facilities to go to school since this will have just one stop and it will also cut down on the time that is taken by bus and metro.

It will cost the users approximately 29 cents per minutes, making the option user-friendly to a great extent. The Uber app itself will manage the payment gateway automatically. However, there are questions which confuse and create tensions among the uber drivers claiming that these mopeds would cut down on the uber car business. But that is not the case as so since these mopeds would just be useful for distances around two to three kilometres or one can say anything less than nine kilometres which will not be cutting down on the uber taxi business.

Cityscoot claims that this partnership with Uber will lead to great business for both the firms. Last year the company was able to raise approximately $500 million. While partnering with Lime Cityscoot was able to launch the idea of e-mopeds into the transportation system while collaborating with uber can be a much higher venture. Such an option can lead to too much more additional trips by users. Sources reveal that e-mopeds were able to raise $27 million in mopeds rentals across the US.

The company faced massive resistance when the venture was first started out in the city of lights. The government had to shut down the uber services in 2015 due to enormous agitation by the taxi groups. As a result, the company Uber had to shut down its services in Paris temporarily in 2016. Paris has been a vast marketing industry for the uber app and delivers great users from the same. The business is to the extent that the company promises to build a new Advance technology centre in Paris.

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