Uber, Lime and Spin legalized in San Francisco; but Skip faces shocking outage by SMFTA

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), through a blog, has declared the permitted scooter-share operators on Friday. They did thank the audience for very supportive feedback regarding the permission of pre-existing scooters on the streets of San Francisco and said, the pilot program’s tenure was about to end by the 14th of October, which meant, the new tenure is going to take effect from the 15th of October.

In this tenure’s permit, SFMTA has permitted Uber, Lime, and Spin to roll out their electric scooters on the streets of San Francisco. This group of permitted operators also includes Scoot, which was also included in the permit last year. But this year’s permit has excluded or to be appropriate, not permitted ‘Skip’ in the expansion of its permit program. This did leave the company and its employees dejected and disappointed.

Through the blog, SFMTA did express its own priorities. It said, the safety of scooter riders and pedestrians shall always be of prime importance to them, and they have made sure of this by ensuring a more strict and flexible shared complaint database. The legalized operators are strictly instructed to track registered complaints on a strict regular basis and keep providing the registered complaints to the SFMTA.

Sidewalk riding has been strictly pointed out as a very unsafe and illegal measure, and the providers are to make sure that their customers have to abstain themselves from any such practice. Also, the discretion lies with the public to report violations to 311 in case of any such observation among the scooter users. This violation is termed as ‘bad scooter behaviour’.

After serving a year-long in the previous pilot program, Skip failed to receive the permit from SFMTA this year. The company’s CEO Sanjay Dastoor, did feel a great deal of disappointment and blamed the San Francisco Municipal Transportation agency mostly for the exemption.

In a statement, CEO Dastoor did express his dismay of being the sole company that has failed to regain the permit. He did admit that the tough times the past two weeks were for the company. In true words, the company was both “humbled” and “awful” as a team.

The company’s CEO did express his grief of knowing the fact of excluded from the press and was not even intimated by the SFMTA. Upon this act, Dastoor said, “This show of thoughtlessness and disrespect left us scrambling to respond to our panicked employees.”

However, upon the successful entry into the permit, cofounder and CEO Brad Bao expressed his happiness and excitement regarding the fact that Lime is yet again a part of the extended permit this year. To a press conference Brad said, “We’re thrilled to start serving our hometown next month, and thank Mayor Breed, the SFMTA, the Board of Supervisors, and the entire community for extending us this opportunity, Our goal is to provide a safe, equitable and affordable transportation option across the entire city, and help San Francisco lead the way in micro-mobility worldwide.”

The SFMTA banned the scooter-operators Lime, Spin, and Bird after an incautious and unwarned unleash of devices on the sidewalks.

This year SFMTA has remarkably pulled off the scooter numbers permitting only 500 vehicles to the three new permit holders per day. This displays that the number of scooters has dropped from a rough 10,000 to a rough 4000. However, the new permit has allowed Scoot a number of 1000 of vehicles per day.

But this also has seen a decreasing trend as Scoot was previously operating upon 1250 vehicles. SFMTA has not specified any concrete reason regarding the bringing down of scooter numbers to such a huge extent. However, in the blog, it did express its gratefulness to the Supervisor Peskin and the entire board for their valuable feedback and help throughout the extension process.

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