Xiaomi unveils a new patented design for its upcoming innovations

The Chinese Tech Giant Xiaomi recently patented a new design for its upcoming mobile series. Although it’s not a piece of very surprising news for the tech giant, do have a small history of the same. And it seems that this new patented device has just been added to the list. This new patented design boasts five pop-up cameras’ and will be featured in the all-new Xiaomi Mi Mix Dual Display, which is expected to be released around the end of 2019.

Well, I guess that the Xiaomi users can expect a jaw-breaking innovation as a Christmas gift from the Chinese tech giant this year. Kudos on that! Why Jaw Breaking? Because the new patented design does have its features that way. The company submitted its request for the patented design on August 20, which it got approved this week.

Now, let’s drive into the new design of a yet to be produced phone for a bit. The new patented design boast of five pop cameras. But the primary display of the device will be no different, like any other smartphone in the market. The same usual ultra-slim bezels and earpiece on the top! While the secondary display of this foldable device will be small in size just like the quad-camera in its back. Okay, just in case if I haven’t mentioned that the new patented design of the phone will be featuring a foldable device.

And since the device or the mobile will be foldable and here foldability defines good news for all the Photographers in makers out there. And the good news is, as per the reports, there’s no selfie camera on the front side of the device. Because according to the design, the phone will have an outward foldable screen, which as per the user’s way of folding and holding it, will enable them to use either of the five rear cameras’ as Front or selfie and rear cameras.

Therefore, the users will also be able to use the rear cameras’ to click selfies, which is a better option because the selfie camera of all the devices has lesser pixels’ capacity as compared to the rear cameras’ of the device.

And as we are speaking of the secondary display of the device, it seems that according to a report, the secondary display of the device will be displaying a lot more than what the eye will meet! To be precise, the secondary display of the device will show all the alerts, caller ID in case of incoming calls, messages, and all the notifications of the device if kept front side down. Intriguing isn’t it.

That’s all the device will have equally high specs or features. Now let’s explore the slim and shiny body of this device. As per the sketch of the patented design of the phone released by the company, it seems as if the device will have a really thin bezel and a no display notch. The device also seems to have a seamless as well as frameless front display design, which looks attractive.

The front screen of the device allows the users to press the speaker, proximity sensor, and notification LED. And hence, there’s no piercing or hole like in trend today inched into the device front side for a selfie camera. So, it might be possible for the device to have an automatic slide-out structure for it similar to the SIM slot or like many other devices in the market, although it’s just speculation.

The patent design released by the company online doesn’t speak about the device’s buttons, ports, or slots at all. There’s not much information about the device except for the sketch released online by the company. And hence, there no information about its production or launch date either. Everybody knows that not all patented designs released by the Companies are fortunate enough to be manufactured the same into a physical model of it.

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